Design, Art & Illustration

Inspired by the light and colors of my hometown, Cartagena, a gem in the Caribbean Sea, I am constantly looking for inspiration in every remote and dusty corner. Letting the images, wild and uncontrolling. Getting submerged in a whirlwind of disorder and chaos. Sounds poetic, doesn´t it? Even romantic. Well, it´s not. It´s frustrating, unnerving and pretty much impossible.


When you come face to face with the empty space, the eternal whiteness of a piece of paper, you loose control; perhaps not in a good way. The incessant trembling, the fear of failure and self-doubt absorbes you. But when you surrender to the carelesness, thats when things start to occur. When every stroke and line reflects, in the deepest way, every fiber of your being. When every image is a question and an answer at the same time: that´s when all your doubts have been answered.


Every design has been prepared with an unconscious abandonment. There is no plan, everything was invented to be cast into the emptiness without knowing its final destination. If the audience finds itself confused, trapped or bewildered I would have succeded.


The essence of my practice is image, font, layout and design What more important role could a designer have but to reflect its surroundings and obsessions?


These designs live and breathe and I aspire that these characters enter your lives as they have mine.


MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay

School of Visual Arts

New York, NY

2014 - 2016                                   

BFA in Fine Arts

Universidad de los Andes

Bogotá, Colombia           

2007 - 2012




Penguin Random House, VOGUE

SF Moma



Alaska Airlines



Dignity Health

Salvation Army

SF Giants

SF 49ers


Peet´s Coffee

Don Julio

Wells Fargo


Herbal Essences




Cover Girl

Head & Shoulders

New Balance